Clay and Cloth

My ‘Eggstravagant Designs’ Eggs are decorated using sculptures made from my own handmade clay. Miniature figurines, flowers, and other pieces are selected to capture the theme of the Egg, whether it’s celebrating an event or a custom creation made just for you.


Working with a variety of cloths and ribbons, I design and build bows, ornaments, decorations, and centerpieces. Although my designs are most often creations drawn on my own experiences and visions, I’d love to work with you for something that best captures your imagination too.


Turning something old and loved, like a  pair of jeans, into something new is a wonderful way to remember a loved one, a place, or an event.  Their old shirt can be a pillowcase, the back pocket from a pair of jeans can be a child’s purse.  Let me take an ordinary item and create a lasting memory, or something fun and one-of-a kind.